Monday, December 2, 2019

Post Number 1: Dec 2, 2019

Blog Rationale

One reason I will write these posts is in case someone asks me how I'm doing or what it's like to have a wrecked lumbar spine. Rather than risk a long, pitiful, and self-referential reply, I can instead point them to these self-referential and rambling pages.

Sort of like the old Holden Caulfield line: "If you really want to hear about it..."

First, What's Not Covered

There is a ton of info on the web about the medical facts on herniated disks (condition HNP) and pinched sciatic nerve.  I am not going to regurgitate that stuff on my blog.  This my personal self-therapeutic account of things only.

Briefly, How it Started (or got worse)

Things added up in late August and September when I was overtaxing my back. Which has been tricky and troublesome for several years. I neglected it, kept going.

Then in September I made the last, grievous mistake of all by planting flowers, kneeling in an awkward way. The worst pain began, the pain which has not stopped yet. This was the moment I should have rested and/or gone in for an MRI.

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